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Voice-Activated Medical Alert

Help That Is Always Available.

Emergency response smart speakers feature all the perks of Alexa, with the added benefit of direct connection to the world’s largest emergency dispatch center.

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Your smart speaker can reach someone 24/7 with just the sound of your voice.

These emergency response smart speakers are voice-activated and installed throughout the home so they will always hear a request for help, making help reliable and always available. Because the speakers are voice-activated, there’s no need to remember to wear a medical alert device or charge anything. Just say, “Alexa, call for help.” An urgent response rep immediately dispatches help to your location and stays on the line until it arrives.

You never feel alone.

We set up the devices with your contacts pre-programmed, so your smart speaker can reach someone 24/7 so you never feel alone. For example, your smart speakers can be programmed to allow you to reach our agency, our Nurse Care Team, or loved one anytime with an audio or face-to-face video call. These speakers will ensure you get the medical or non-medical help you need by connecting you to someone any time you want.

Stay connected to the world.

Since these smart speakers are also Alexa devices, they can be used to call or video chat with friends and family, keep up on the news, check the weather, play games, listen to music or set reminders to take medication, eat meals, or make calls. In short, they help you stay more connected to the world, less isolated, and better protected. And because they use military-grade security, you never need to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands.

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