What We Do

Companion Care, Personal Care, and Medication Management

Care is Personal.

Companion and Personal Care are at the heart of what we do. We match you with a caregiver who will do more than take care of your needs, they’ll help you continue to enjoy life.

Nisha, Caregiver & Concetta, Client

We take care of the little things and the big things.

We bring joy to our clients’ lives every day.

Simply put, we make sure you can continue to do the things you love. Playing cards, listening to music, working in the garden—whatever brings you joy, we’ll make sure it’s part of your routine. Do you like to meet friends for bridge or go to a stretch class? Your caregiver can accompany you or we can even arrange transportation. Do you want to host a family holiday? Your caregiver can help plan, shop, and cook with you.

It comes down to a simple question: what will make your life the best it can be? We know maintaining your quality of life protects your health, and that’s what our home care is all about.

My caregiver is caring, on time, reliable and really shows that she really cares. I could not make it without them.

Kelita W.

New Horizons Client

Companion Care

Your caregiver is a friend to talk to and do things with. They help with everyday tasks and make sure you have a routine filled with things you love. Your caregiver is there to make your life the one you want to live.

They also help out with necessary things such as running errands, preparing meals, getting to appointments, and other elements of staying healthy and independent.

Going places is also easy with our transportation services, so you’re never stuck at home, never miss an appointment, and never have to worry.

Personal Care and Self-Care

Along with doing the things you love, we want you to feel good. Your caregiver is there to assist you whenever you need a bit of help, from combing your hair the way you like it to reminding you about medication.

Whether it’s bathing or oral care or shaving or dressing, your caregiver assists you when and how you need it. It’s not always easy to accept help with such personal matters, which is why we make sure to match you with a caregiver who understands your lifestyle and living situation—so you can feel as comfortable as possible every day.

Medication Management

Most basic Medication Management needs are met by our caregivers. This includes pill organization and medication reminders. If you have more complicated medication needs, such as injections or drips, our registered nurses are here to help.

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